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Chair Massage Rates

Wellness at Work_On-Site Corporate Chair Massage 

Proud SBA - Schaumburg Business Association Member

Our Focus: work-life balance 

Thank you for the opportunity to bring our expertise in your workplace. 

Professional Therapeutic Massage Techniques

and Innovative Wellness Systems applied for your optimal work-life balance!

''Wellness at Work_ On-Site Corporate Chair Massage" is a local professional massage therapy service aiming to give the ''busy workers'' a renewing experience in the comfort and convenience of their workplace. Our specialty is work-life balance, and we strongly believe that people of all ages could benefit from professional therapeutic touch to nurture the whole body since we were socially distanced and touch deprived (no handshakes, no hugs, etc) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Chair massage may be used to enhance employee productivity, show employee appreciation, and improve overall wellness. 

Basic Service_Individual chair massage session 

15 minutes _$35   

30 minutes _$65   

45 minutes _$95   

Enhanced Service_Chair massage with stretching techniques 

15 minutes _$40  

30 minutes _$70   

45 minutes _$100

Ultimate Service_Chair massage with stretching, and breathing aromatherapy techniques.

15 minutes _$45   

30 minutes _$75   

45 minutes _$105


Ultimate Service_ Chair Massage for office workers & events (minimal booking is 90minutes)

Group Rates

90 min $199      

2h $250

3h $375

4h $499

5h $625

6h $750

7h $875

8h $999

    Please make checks payable to Ele Pop Inc. 

    Chair massage sessions may be offered for 15min/20min/30min  per client according to needs and preferences. Chair massage is performed fully clothed seated at the desk or a special designed chair massage may be used.  Most often it is seen in malls, airpirts, and offices. Suitable for parties and special events (wellness awareness, worker's appreciation, spa baby shower, spa bridal shower, spa bachelorette, spa mother's/father's day, birthday and celebration party, etc).

   Wellness, W.I.S.E and Massage Therapy is devoted in helping you live a more balanced life.

Rates and procedures are subject to change without notice.

We are grateful for your business and we like to give back. Any time you book a Chair Massage with us, we will donate 5% to SPOC charity. Thank you for your business and support! 

Relax and restore your work-life balance!